View our testimonials on individuals who have experienced Arthritis and Chronic Pain

  • Name:John

Suffers from: Generalized arthritis pain in shoulders, hips, and knees

Testimonial: Pain greatly reduced after 6 weeks on CERAGEM. No longer limping!


  • Name:Michelle

Suffers from: Pain, numbness, and tingling in shoulders, arms, and fingers due to years as a beautician.

Testimonial: Mostly gone after one month at CERAGEM


  • Name:Josie

Suffers from: Arthritis, whiplash, fibromyalgia pain in neck and back

Testimonial: No need for chiropractic and massage since starting CERAGEM in January 2004 (8 months on CERAGEM).


  • Name: Rico

Suffers from: Hip Arthritis and forty years of back pain from broken back in 1963

Testimonial: Pain gone with 4 CERAGEM treatments


  • Name:Buddy

Suffers from: Knee pain (arthritis) and back pain (sciatica)

Testimonial: Arthritis has greatly improved and back pain is gone. I can stand straight again


  • Name: Rosan’o

Suffers from: Shoulder pain, low back pain, and heel pain

Testimonial: All gone after 6 weeks on the CERAGEM


  • Name: Walter

Suffers from: Arthritis pain and insomnia

Testimonial: After 6 months of using CERAGEM, I’ve given up sleeping pills, the arthritis pain in hands is gone, and my immunity system is much better


  • Name: Darlene

Suffers from: Pesticide poisoning, joint and muscle pain, and low back pain

Testimonial: Everything hurt, but after 1 year on CERAGEM, I’m completely detoxed and low back pain is gone


  • Name: Jeri

Suffering from: Knee pain since accident in 2001.

Testimonial: All pain is gone after six weeks at CERAGEM


  • Name: Dorothy

Suffering from: Old leg injury

Testimonial: Neck arteries are cleared, limp is gone, can walk stairs without using hand railing (3 months at CERAGEM)


  • Name: Jerry

Suffers from: Two knees replaced, numbness and loss of circulation to feet.

Testimonial: Gone after four visits at CERAGEM


  • Name: Mark

Suffers from: Arthritis in knees, hips and thumbs

Testimonials: All arthritis symptoms have improved or gone and sinuses have cleared during the 10 weeks at CERAGE


  • Name: Martha

Suffers from: Severe leg cramps

Testimonial: Cramps are gone, my vision has improved, back pain is gone, and sleeping has improved with one year at CERAGEM

  • Name: Cassandra

Suffers from: Pinched nerve from a fall when 16 and recently reinjured it this year.

Testimonial: After 1 month of CERAGEM, all pain is gone. I’ve replaced physical therapy with CERAGEM.

  • Name: Janet

Suffers from: Damaged SI Joint

Testimonial: After 15 years of trying everything, 12 treatments on the CERAGEM bed unlocked the pain.

  • Name: Joanne

Suffers from: Non-union Fracture in Ankle and TMJ

Testimonial: Surgery canceled for TMJ and fracture. After detox and super energy levels after one year on CERAGEM, nothing hurts anymore!

  • Name: Noland

Suffering from: Crushed hip

Testimonial: Sciatica almost gone, more flexible, golf swing improved, less pain at night, and blood pressure went down after one year on CERAGEM

  • Name: David

Suffers from: Artificial hip and sun damaged skin

Testimonial: Range of motion in hips improved, skin from sun damage is clearing, and I can exercise again after 1 month of CERAGEM. After 3 months, my barber told me that I have new hair growing on the crown of my head.


  • Name: Joyce

Suffers from: Muscular degeneration, trouble breathing, arthritis pain along the spine, and peripheral disease

Testimonial: Flashes are almost gone, need less oxygen to breathe, arthritis pain in spine almost gone, leg cramps are gone, mood has improved, sinuses are drained and cleared, my posture is improving.  My balance is wonderful and my energy level is wow! I feel taller and I feel wonderful!