View our testimonials of individuals who have experienced Asthma and related illnesses.

  • Name: Magdaline

Suffers from: Asthma, high blood pressure, and back and hip pain

Testimonial: Asthma is much better, blood pressure is perfect, and pain is gone in 6 weeks with CERAGEM

  • Name: Dora

Suffers from: I quit smoking

Testimonial: CERAGEM has helped control cravings, improved my moods, and reduce stress.

View our testimonials on clients who experienced an improvement in hearing and overall ear audio health.

  • Name: Ed

Suffers from: Frequent use of hearing aid, prostate problems, and back pain

Testimonial: After using CERAGEM for 3 months, hearing aid use went from always to occasional, prostate went from 6-7 times a night to 1-2 times a night, and back pain relief seems hopeful.

  • Name: Christel

Suffers from: Vision impaired

Testimonial: Was using +325 reading glasses, now using much lower number. Energy level is up with CERAGEM.

  • Name: Mary

Suffers from: Hearing impaired and arthritis in right knee and foot

Testimonial: Pain and stiffness greatly reduced, walking again, and almost pain free. Hearing improved using nine-ball and volume line on t.v. is shorter. I cried when I heard my cuckoo clock for the first time in years (35 times on CERAGEM).