Back Pain

View our testimonials for individuals with Back Pain.

  • Name:Soccoro

Suffers from:Lower Back Pain and Ear Pain

Testimonial:Two weeks of CERAGEM treatments and 20 years of lower back is gone. I can feel my vertebrae aligning.

Nineball on ears for two weeks, pain is gone, and sleeping is much better.

  • Name:Judy

Suffers from:Chronic Stiffness in low back and neck from whiplash and broken neck

Testimonial: Can stand erect without pain after 4 sessions on the CERAGEM bed.

  • Name:Kit

Suffers from:Low back pain for 20 years and knee trauma for 2 years

Testimonial: Low back is gone, knee has healed and I can walk up stairs foot over foot, and my posture has greatly improved after 1 month on CERAGEM.

  • Name:Pat

Suffers from:Acute back pain (could not get in and out of husband’s truck)

Testimonial: 90% better after 2 times on the CERAGEM bed

  • Name:Dee

Suffers from:Low back pain after 20 years due to Sciatica

Testimonial: Sciatica all gone and low back pain 50% gone after 1 visit to CERAGEM. I can finally clean my house!


  • Name:Mike

Suffers from:Broken leg from 24 years ago and back pain

Testimonial: Awoke pain free after one time on CERAGEM. Going dancing!

  • Name:Bob

Suffers from:Lower Back Pain and High Blood  Pressure

Testimonial: Lower back pain for 20 years is now gone, high blood pressure is now gone (Before: 190/90; After: 120/78), and I lost 20 pounds. Used CERAGEM 80 times.

  • Name: Cheryl

Suffers from: Low back pain, depression, chemical/metal poisoning, and restless leg syndrome

Testimonial: Low back pain gone after first time, depression is much better after 20 visits to CERAGEM, major detox, and restless leg syndrome gone.

  • Name: Marsha

Suffers from: Neck, shoulders, low back pain, and Sciatica all from years of being a manicurist

Testimonial: Pain 70% gone after 12 visits to CERAGEM. I have more sleep and energy. CERAGEM works big time!