Ceragem Massage Table

Ceragem V-3 Core Value

The development of the V3 massage system comes from a
background of alternative medicine in order to maximize the effectiveness of the human immune
system. It has also been designed to satisfy the needs of people of all ages (auto-fitting
feature, adjustable massage intensity, variety of massage programs,
sound therapy, takes up minimal space).

Advanced Projector Moving System-400px

How can we maximize the therapeutic effectiveness?

    • Identify different spinal areas to tailor the treatment
    • The user can choose the level of massage intensity they would like
    • Massage programs divided into areas of therapeutic effect
    • Not only beneficial for physical health but also for psychological health
    • The product’s innovative design utilizes minimal space without decreasing its effectiveness

Identifying Different Spines for Tailored Treatment

Auto-Fitting & SPMS

Auto-fits from heights of 4 ft (48 inches)

“Smart Projector Moving System: UP & DOWN.”
For the first time, the massager will measure each user’s spinal length, and provide the appropriately adjusted massage.


    • By Ceragem-JeonJu University Medical Lab

SMART DESIGN — by Tangerine

  • The content of the music is in a non-verbal format:

Nature’s Sounds: relaxation of the body, rest,
rejuvenation, stress management

Classical Music: de-stressing, regulates blood pressure, stability of the mind and body

Functional Music: clears the mind, helps to recover from fatigue

  • The massage experience can be enhanced by
    listening to soothing music.

Music can aid in the effectiveness of the
massage, and it can also relax your mind simultaneously. This brings a sense of
calmness to your body, mind, and soul
during your massage session.

Features of the Ceragem V3 12 Massage Modes

The V3’s 12 Massage Modes were developed by the Ceragem Medical Lab and the Jeon-Ju University Research Team to promote a healthy lifestyle through the mode-specifications.

The Ceragem V3’s 12 Massage Modes allow for a more detailed and customizable experience.

Each of Ceragem’s 12 Mode Massage modes use massage, acupressure, moxibustion, thermal heating, acupoints, etc. to customize each user’s experience.