View our testimonials for individuals with Diabetes.

  • Name:Charlie

Suffers from:Diabetes

Testimonial: With Diabetes for 5 years and taking medication, my blood sugar usually runs about 180 (normal is below 100). After 15 times on CERAGEM, blood sugar is down to 110.

  • Name: Jesse

Suffers from: Diabetes and shoulder and neck pain

Testimonial: My insulin was reduced by half and shoulder and knee pain is much better after 6 weeks on CERAGEM

  • Name: Peggy

Suffers from: I have pain and tingling in my arm and hand, muscle knots in neck, and diabetes (type II)

Testimonial: All pain gone after 2 weeks at CERAGEM. Blood sugar has dropped from 180 to 60 on the same amount of drugs after 2 months at CERAGEM. Also, edema in ankles went down, drugs for back pain were reduced, sciatica is all gone, and I get better sleep and have more energy.

  • Name: Xu’ Xiang Ling

Suffers from: Diabetes and losing sight

Testimonial: Diabetes improving as measured by reduced medication after 6 weeks at CERAGEM