Digestive Disorders

View our testimonials for individuals with Digestive Disorders.


  • Name:Rene

Suffers from: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Infected Spleen/Appendix

Testimonials: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 3 week impaction cleared after 3 days on the CERAGEM bed. Infected spleen and appendix cleared after 7 weeks.

  • Name: Don

Suffers from: Chronic constipation

Testimonial: One year at CERAGEM and it’s gone

  • Name: Monica

Suffering from: Low back pain and digestion and bowel function

Testimonial: Back is gone, bowel function is perfect, more energy, and better sleep with just 2 months at CERAGEM

  • Name: Glenda

Suffers from: Bowel function, TMJ, and low back sciatica

Testimonial: Bowel function improved and TMJ and low back pain gone after 5 weeks at CERAGEM. I have super energy!

  •  Name:Todd

Suffers from: Colitis Acute Neck Pain Sciatica

Testimonial: All gone after ten months on the CERAGEM bed

  • Name: Cecilia

Suffers from: Irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, and poor posture

Testimonial: Irritable bowel syndrome has improved (once a month is now once a day), sleep has improved, I can sit easier and stand straighter, and I’m more flexible after 6 weeks on CERAGEM


  • Name: Pamela

Suffers from: Life-long bowel dysfunction

Testimonial: 1 month at CERAGEM and I’m completely regular and sleeping better.