Femal Reproductive Organs

View our testimonials to see how Ceragem has aided in balancing female reproductive organs.


  • Name:Karen

Suffers from: Chronic cramps due to period

Testimonial: After 4 times on the CERAGEM bed, I had my first cramp-free period ever.

  • Name: Jan

Suffering from: Hot flashes, back pain, and arthritis pain

Testimonial: Hot flashes are gone, low back pain and arthritis pain relieved after 6 weeks at CERAGEM

  • Names: Connie

Suffers from: Irregular Period and Symptoms of Endometriosis

Testimonials: Period was totally normal after 50 days on CERAGEM bed and the symptoms of Endometriosis are gone.

  • Name: Jennifer

Suffers from: Blood clots and menstrual problems

Testimonial: Periods improved with no cramps and fewer headaches, blood clots resolved, and posture and flexibility improved after 1 month of CERAGEM

  • Name: Mary Anne

Suffers from: Hot flashes

Testimonial: Almost totally gone, standing straighter, and tummy flatter (3 weeks at CERAGEM)