High Blood Pressure

View our testimonials on individuals with High Blood Pressure.

  • Name:Diane

Suffers from:High Blood Pressure (145/95-100/60) and low back pain

Testimonials: High Blood Pressure, low back pain (monthly chiropractic), and arthritis in knees all gone with 6 months on CERAGEM.

  • Name: Rodger

Suffers from: High blood pressure and low back pain

Testimonial: 3 months at CERAGEM and blood pressure down from 250/150 to 130/80, low back pain greatly improved, and lost 30 pounds

  • Name:Janice

Suffers from: High blood pressure, sciatica, and hip and neck pain

Testimonial: Blood pressure went from 166/92 to 130/66, mood and energy improved, sciatica is gone, hip and neck pain is gone, sleeping better, and my husband likes me better now.

  • Name: Sam

Suffers from: High Blood Pressure

Testimonial: Blood pressure went from 130/90 to 125/73, digestion improved, and low back pain is better from one year at CERAGEM

  • Name: Dorothy

Suffering from: High blood pressure

Testimonial: Blood pressure went from 150/90 to 115/70. No more drugs, sleeping better, and feeling great after 6 weeks at CERAGEM

  • Name: Fran

Suffering from: Leaky knee vein and high blood pressure

Testimonial: Knee no longer swells and blood pressure went from 157/103 to 137/83 after 3 months of CERAGEM

  • Name: Jamie

Suffering from: high blood pressure and 10 year old knee injury

Testimonial: Stabbing pain gone, able to walk up stairs normally, and blood pressure is down.