View our testimonials on individuals with Migraines/Headaches.


  • Name:Autumn

Suffers from: Compressed spinal cord, triple cervical fusion, and chronic headache (taking 6-9 Excedrin a day).

Testimonial: No Excedrin since second day of CERAGEM

  •  Name:Denise

Suffers from: Tension headaches and mood swings

Testimonial: Coming up on 3 months and mood has greatly improved, tension is gone, energy is skyrocketed, and tummy has flattened.

  • Name: Gerald

Suffers from: Migraine (daily headaches since brain surgery four years ago)

Testimonial: Almost gone after two weeks at CERAGEM

  • Name: Chandra

Suffers from: 25 years of stroke-like migraines

Testimonial: I used to get about 2 migraines per week but after 1 month of CERAGEM the migraines are all gone.