View our testimonials for individuals who have experienced Sciatica.

  • Name: Anthony

Suffering from: high sciatica and high blood pressure

Testimonial: With 2 months of CERAGEM, no more drugs for high blood pressure, pain is gone in lower back, and I am able to stand and work.


  • Name: James

Suffering from: Fell in 1960 and has low back pain and sciatica since

Testimonial: Back pain reduced and sciatica gone for the first time after 44 years (3 times at CERAGEM


  • Name: Eloise

Suffering from: Breathing, leg cramps, and sciatica

Testimonial: My breathing is much better, leg cramps are gone, no more chiropractor bills, sleeping is much better, sciatica is gone, lots more energy, mood has improved, and my attitude is more positive. (2 months on CERAGEM)

  • Name: Sherman

Suffers from: Sciatica (pain, steroid injections, and unable to exercise)

Testimonial: Pain is all gone, including the chiropractic bill, after 10 weeks on CERAGEM bed.

  • Name: Ginger

Suffers from: Low back pain, sciatica, and numb toes

Testimonial: All gone after 3 months at CERAGEM

  • Name: Chris

Suffers from: Back injury, sciatica, and pain in shoulders

Testimonial: Gone in 3 weeks on CERAGEM bed. Golf swing has really improved

  • Name: Karen

Suffers from: Sciatica

Testimonial: Came back after using the CERAGEM bed, then went away, then came back. After 3 months, gone for good.

  • Name: Lorrie

Suffers from: Terrible low back pain (sciatica) and high blood pressure from driving an 18 wheeler truck

Testimonial: Back pain gone after 5 visits to CERAGEM, blood pressure went down from 213/177 to 130/82, and sciatica is gone. I feel great!