Stiff back back pain

View our testimonials on improved posture and other spinal related issues.

  • Name: David

Suffering from: Spinal Stenosis

Testimonial: After 1 month on CERAGEM, tingling in both legs below both knees is a lot better, sleep improved, and more energy.

  • Name: Linda

Suffering from: Posture problems

Testimonial: Hump shrinking, better posture, more energy, and sleeping better after 2 months on CERAGEM


  • Name: Sara

Suffers from: shoulder and spine pain from falling down stairs

Testimonial: 1 time at CERAGEM and I felt my spine adjust. There’s no more pain and I’m a whole new person

  • Name: Sharon

Suffers from: Five ruptured discs with bone spurs

Testimonial: No pain, sleeping through the night after 2 visits to CERAGEM


  • Name: Dimitrina

Suffers from: Pinched cervical nerve and pain and tingling in neck, arm, and shoulder (reduced range of motion)

Testimonial: All gone after 7 months on the CERAGEM bed.



  • Name: Aidee

Suffers from: Bulging discs

Testimonial: Pain, Advil, and steroid injections are gone. Surgery was postponed! (3 weeks on CERAGEM)


  • Name: Sandy

Suffers from: Spinal fracture

Testimonial: After 1 CERAGEM, Back pain hasn’t felt this good in 20 years! Best sleep in ages, full of energy, well-being and hope 20 years of pain is over.


  • Name: Evelyn

Suffers from: Scoliosis, hay fever, and shoulder pain

Testimonial: Now a half-an-inch taller, back pain is gone, can sit easier and stand straighter, less medicine and congestion, sleeping has improved, leg pain is gone after first session, and life-long shoulder pain is gone after 6 months at CERAGEM

View our testimonials for individuals who have experienced Neuropathy issues.

  • Name: Paul

Suffers from: fractured vertebrae, and crushed discs

Testimonial: Much less pain, can bend now, stopped percoset, and sleeping much better (3 Times at CERAGEM).

  • Name: Kate

Suffers from: Five damaged discs (3 cervical and two lumbar), and acne

Testimonial: Horrible headaches improved 50%, lower back pain improved, better mood and energy, and adult onset acne has disappeared.

  • Name: Vera

Suffering from: Twitch in eye for 10 Years and chronic neck pain

Testimonial: Twitch in eye is gone and the chronic neck pain is almost gone after 1 month at CERAGEM

  • Name: Fred

Suffers from: 2 strokes

Testimonial: 2 weeks at CERAGEM and I’m walking better and farther, thinking clearer, and circulation improved 100%


  • Name: Gregorina

Suffers from: Severe cervical pain (occupational, neuropathy)

Testimonial: Completely gone now after 3 visits. She can keep her job now