Stiff Neck

View our testimonials for individuals with stiff necks, Acute Neck Syndrome (whiplash), etc.

  • Name:Jessica

Suffers from:Acute Neck Syndrome (whiplash)

Testimonial: After a year of trying regular medicine and physical therapy, CERAGEM made it better in one session.

  • Name:Anita

Suffers from: Whiplash (1997) and Fibromyalgia

Testimonial: Dramatic improvement in three weeks on the CERAGEM bed. Therapist impressed with dramatic improvements in muscle tone.

  • Name: Amey

Suffering from: Whiplash

Testimonial: Neuropathy and hump on back almost gone, headaches gone, and heart and colon function improved in 1 month at CERAGEM

  • Name: Eileen

Suffers from: 20 year old whiplash, seizures, and arthritis in knees

Testimonial: whiplash is 70% better, seizures are gone, and I’m now walking two miles daily after 2 weeks at CERAGEM

  •  Name:Diane

Suffers from:Chronic Neck Pain (3 bad discs with pain and numbness radiating down leg and arm)

Testimonial: Mostly gone with one single CERAGEM treatment

  • Name: Eugene

Suffers from: Severe neck pain

Testimonial: Severe neck pain caused years of poor sleep. After 1 time on CERAGEM, I’m sleeping through the night and prostate and kidneys are responding.

  • Name: Gloria

Suffers from: 35 years of neck pain due to gymnastics accident, TMJ, and hip pain from auto accident

Testimonial: Neck pain gone in 18 sessions

  • Name: Gina

Suffers from: Neck curvature, digestion bowel function, and insomnia

Testimonial: All symptoms improved. CERAGEM allowed me to keep my job

  • Name: Joan

Suffers from: Spasmotic torticollis, neck pain, hand tremors, and arthritis in both knees

Testimonial: Much improved after 3 times on CERAGEM. I can now genuflect in church.